Strategic Communications Workshops & Branded Film Series

Wiley Corporate Solutions

Define our brand, its business function and how it can best communicate to our diverse audience.

Wiley Corporate Solutions remit is wide and includes communicating to a diverse range of professional people including scientists, doctors, academics, students, engineers, environmentalists, advertising and media agencies and brands from equipment to drug manufacturers.

The sheer range of products and services provided by Wiley to this diverse audience is equally vast and multidisciplinary, including traditional print and digital. The department had recently invested in a new visual identity within the wider company brand.

We facilitated a series of workshops with key stakeholders, the objectives of which were to get really clear on the brand.  From these, we produced a set of communications guidelines to guide our subsequent work, and to support Wiley’s marketing and sales teams internally.

We then produced a series of films under the banner of their key subject areas, Life Sciences, Health, and Physical Sciences and including a great number of titles and publications.

We have subsequently worked with other departments inside Wiley including Online Learning and Research, creating videos that have been trans created into multiple languages for their international markets.

‘Creative Nation created a messaging framework through a series of workshops to help us communicate to our customers both clearly and consistently. We continue to use and update the living framework to this day. They also developed a family of videos that have been part of our most successful campaigns. Thanks team Creative Nation’ 

Leonie Moffatt, Associate Marketing Director - Wiley