Consumer Insight Series

Nokia Core Consumer - Nokia / Truth Consulting

Present our research into the technology behaviours of young core consumers.

We were tasked to create a consumer insight film to reflect the findings of research conducted by Truth Consulting on behalf of Nokia. The research was focused upon the lifestyles of young adult core consumers in the U.S.A, India, China, U.K, Brazil, South Africa, and Nigeria. Our crews accompanied the researchers and subjects on the ground, recording their behaviours and responses in tandem.

Our showcase film was to reflect the lifestyles and choices of the young people in an attractive and informative way. It was designed to enable Nokia’s staff and global external agencies to better understand how these choices relate to Nokia and its products.

 We also created a series of shorter films for use at an introductory conference in Los Angeles. Bespoke music and sound effects accompany use of graphic elements to highlight the findings and the result is an intimate and entertaining picture of young people around the world.

“The best brand consumer film we have ever had produced’’

Brand Manager - Nokia