Festival Programming & Production

Latitude Festival - Festival Republic

Programme, design, build, manage and deliver the Inbetweeners Area.

Latitude has a long reputation for high quality arts and culture programming and the Inbetweeners area forms an intrinsic part of their award-winning offer for families and children. In a fantastic woodland location, the Inbetweeners’ Area (for 12-17 years) is designed to be a space that teens can call their own.

Welcoming approximately 5-6,000 young people each year, over 5 consecutive years we worked alongside local and national partners to give young people the opportunity to try their hand at a range of music, film, fashion, tech and media workshops alongside industry professionals and emerging talent. Effectively a stand-alone festival for teens within the wider festival, they have also had the opportunity to watch other young people in performance.

We both created and provided a platform for inter/national and local organisations to showcase and introduce their work to young festival goers. This made for a really great experience for young people, but also for the creative and cultural organisations and individuals who had the opportunity to engage with new audiences, and each other.

‘Thanks to all involved in the Inbetweeners activities across the weekend.  It’s really appreciated having these extra things at the festival for the kids and it’s the kind of exposure to media work that they might not have in our part of the world (rural Midlands is great for countryside walks, but not necessarily broadcasting work experience…)

A Parent

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Latitude, it was an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad I took it. The staff were all so lovely and helpful and it made it easy to feel comfortable.

Emerging talent / young performer

What an honour it was to play Latitude 2022! I loved every moment of being on that stage with an incredible crowd, wonderful team but most important of all amazing energy. I can’t wait to come back! 

Young performer

You’ve been such great people to share the experience with, you bring a lovely energy and I’m very grateful for all that you did over the years. 

Sharon Reubens, Head of Artist Liaison - Festival Republic