Digital Campaign Materials

Innovate UK Business Growth - Innovate UK Edge

Showcase the work being done to give innovative companies the edge.

Innovate UK EDGE is a key part of the UK innovation agency’s deep investment in the pioneering businesses that drive economic growth. It is a publicly funded service available to all high potential small to medium sized innovation-driven companies.

 As part of a new digital campaign Innovate UK EDGE tasked us to create a series of 5 films featuring their innovation and growth specialists and clients where they work.  The films were to showcase the support and strategies being implemented to help accelerate and maximise business growth and potential.

Featured companies spanned industries and disciplines, from education and medical science to 3D printing and robotics. The films were used online and at events.

‘Creative Nation did a great job for us. It was responsive, flexible, and professional and the films have received plaudits wherever we have shown them.‘

Senior Comms manager, Innovate UK Edge