Social content and Internal Comms

American Express - Ogilvy

Engage our audiences via cultural festivals and events from across the globe.

We created social media content to sit across American Express’ digital platforms, in line with their social media strategy. We also created internal comms content.

With their globally diverse audience in mind we began by developing a calendar of multicultural events and activities to enable us to create an equally diverse series of stand-alone films.

These included:

  • A timelapse of the creation of a sand mandala celebrating Diwali, produced by a Guinness World Record breaking artist
  • A behind the scenes film demonstrating how visual effects artists work – recreating La Croisette in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival
  • A hand drawn animated series of personal stories from customers exploring how American Express has helped them bring some truly amazing experiences to life.
  • A series of slow-motion Winter and Summer scenes designed to inspire holidays, from the mountains to the oceans.
  • A stop frame animation of an around the world trip with a bespoke music track.

In total we created six consecutive months of social media content, including the most viewed video they had achieved to date.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the work you put in and it’s the most popular video they’ve had to date!”

Janine Smith, Head of Content - Ogilvy PR