Creative Nation is not location dependent. This means that we have the freedom to roam and the flexibility to work with talent and in spaces both nationally and internationally. With studio and location space in the UK at a premium, we are always on the lookout for options for places to shoot and create on behalf of our clients.

Hush Room IMG_0304

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining the team at Bentwaters Parks in Suffolk in the U.K for their first Bentwaters Social.  This chance to meet with locally based creative and technical talent boosted our roster in the East of England.  We also had the opportunity to tour some of their 1,000 acres of unique military buildings and various landscapes. These include those as diverse as airplane runways and hangars to ancient oak forest.

HangarStar Wars Building

We also took this opportunity to ‘play’ with our new DJI Osmo. It’s the most coveted member of the team of the moment, it’s super smooth 4K footage is just stunning! We love it’s flexibility too – its great for mingling in crowds and exploring unusual spaces because its technology is specifically designed to stabilise your images whatever you do with it. It goes without saying that we will be putting our new camera to good use on behalf of our clients. Please contact us if you would like to explore how we could employ it on your behalf.