film fixerCreative Nation has always championed UK wide talent- its in our very DNA as a remote agency who seek to work with the best talent, irrespective of geography. We have recently opened a Suffolk office, and have volunteered our time to help steer a local government initiative and commitment to developing the screen industries in Suffolk. Whilst the industries have historically been focused within London and the M25, as London facilities and crew reach capacity, we think its the perfect time for talent in the regions to lay out their stall!

Suffolk County Council are delighted to have appointed Film Fixer to manage the new Screen Suffolk office. Film Fixer are very keen to hear from local crew and facilities who would like to get on board, and we strongly urge you to do so now! They are planning a series of Meet and Greet sessions locally this Autumn, so please contact us or them for more info. More information on their plans and contact details can be found here.

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