Why and when should I hire Creative Nation?

When you could use extra resource. We are an out of-house resource to our clients. They trust us to bolster their internal resource; to plug any gaps they may have in specialisms or skills, to save them the costs of a full time resource and to support them during seasonal and busy periods. Our talent are located UK wide, and internationally. They mainly work remotely, utilising technology, but they can also come and work with you, wherever you are. Crucially, we manage their work on your behalf, enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

When you are looking to do something new or to do things differently. We are independent. This means we have freedom, agility and innovative thinking at our core.

We are adept at parachuting in at various stages of campaigns and projects, and during times of challenge or times of change. It can really help to have fresh eyes on what you do, and our network of professional creative and technical talent have traveled far and wide- they know what your competition are doing and they have been there, done that.

I am unsure about working with a remote agency- how does it work?

“The agency of the future will consist of…a tiny leadership team that provides creative direction. The creative production itself will be distributed to individuals and small teams around the globe who are at the top of their game.

Scott Belsky, Co-Founder of Behance.

Creative Nation was founded in 2008 upon the distributed team/remote model.  This means we seamlessly connect with and source talent from around the globe. This allows us to work with the best talent— we are not limited by geography, four-walls or a fixed resource.

Rather than engaging the most convenient or available talent- we identify the most appropriate talent and expertise to meet your brief. Our senior management team manages this process and you will have a dedicated Producer. We don’t work as individuals, but as people coming together around our client’s brief/need. We work collaboratively, both with our teams and with you. You may have a little or as much contact with our talent as suits you.

We utilise I.T in order to manage our work and to communicate and collaborate. This includes an online project management tool, Skype, telephone, email and video conferencing.

We have office bases in both London and Suffolk and we dry hire when need be, as well as working in house with some of our clients. So, you have plenty of options regarding how you wish to work with us.

Do you have a rate card?

We prefer to cut our cloth accordingly- one size does not fit all.

We are scaleable and cost effective because we focus our budgets on the work, not on overheads.  This makes us very competitive cost-wise, without compromise on the quality of our work.

You let us know what you want to achieve, and we will deliver a transparent proposal, tailored to meet your needs.

I can’t see the kind of work I am looking for on your website?

We are regularly white labelled therefore we cannot always publically share our work with the world. The chances are we have produced what you are after. Please contact us or submit a brief to discuss

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about out work or to talk through your ideas with us.